Posted by: amazonadoptee | October 17, 2009

Just call me Nancy Drew…

By 10 o’clock the next morning, I had pretty much wrapped it up, that the name NAWSR had sent my way was in fact Father J’s co-worker’s long-lost daughter.

Father J called me at work and we were both giddy on the phone as we talked about how cool it was and how excited T was at the prospect of getting to know her daughter. She had actually said, “I emailed her at 3 am this morning, could she really have found her that fast?” and Father J said “well, she’s a bright kid!”

Those words melted my heart. I am a bright kid. I am his bright kid. And it’s fun to know he’s proud of me as his daughter.


In addition, we are heading into our 2nd Halloween together, which is exciting. We planned the day so that I can watch my two little sisters play in their soccer games. I just got word, too, that I’ll be meeting one of my aunts at her house, because she always throws a Halloween block party. This is exciting, and a little bit nerve-wracking for me!

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